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Screen Printing Machine FAQs

Technical points of screen printing machine in the printing process

 Technical points of screen printing machine in the printing process

 The  is now more and more widely used in screen printing machine glass, acrylic, clothing, markers, toys, electrical appliances, fabrics, in addition to air and water can not be printed other than the other can be printed. Screen printing machine printing adjustment of the screen distance control is one of the important factors in its quality, so how to ensure the quality of screen printing machine printing, the following control of the creation of small to introduce the screen printing machine in the printing process There are several key technical points in the printing process.
    1. screen printing machine printing process key

   screen printing machine printing if the scraping pressure is high, the amount of ink, but the screen is easy to deform, so the scraping pressure should not be high. Scraping speed is often 60 ~ 200mm / s. Scraping speed, the amount of ink is less, but not easy to block the network. Therefore, easy to block the network of ink, scraping speed should be faster.

   screen printing machine printing scraping route should be straight, diagonal, and curve three. Should be based on the flatness of the substrate and the distribution of graphics on the substrate to select the situation. Scrape the long route and ink consumption, scraping ink should be more even first scraping a layer of ink, after scraping the print.

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2. on screen printing machine printing scraper selection

  The use of scrapers is mostly polyurethane raw materials. Polyurethane rubber scraper wear resistance, solvent resistance, and resilience, etc. is better. Its hardness selection 60 ~ 80 Shore. Stencil tension, the appearance of good flatness of the substrate, should be selected with a high hardness squeegee. Conversely, the hardness should be selected for low.

  In the curved surface, low spherical or poor flatness (local projection) of the substrate printing, squeegee width should be narrow rather than wide.

  3. screen printing machine printing before the ink manufacturing

  Adjust the degree of thickness and thinness of the judgment method: the degree of thickness of the ink through the screen, the printing surface does not show the screen mesh or drawing as good. The degree of thinness to put on the screen, the ink by its own weight can reach through the mesh but not to drip as the best. When the printed lines are thin, should be adjusted to the thin point, and vice versa should be adjusted to the thick point.

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