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The common factors that cause printing errors

   With the development and progress of printing technology, the printing industry has shown rapid development trends, and gradually integrated into people's daily lives, occupying an important position in the national economy. Tell me what are the common factors that cause printing errors these issues. Printing disputes are the most reluctant to encounter in the process of interaction between printers and customers, but also the most frequently encountered problems. The emergence of printing disputes, one of the reasons may be the printing plant factory finished product printing quality is not qualified, there is another important reason, that is, the objective existence of printing errors. Due to the limits of the existence of machinery itself, these errors are inevitable, rather than due to human factors, such as poor management, improper quality control, and other factors caused by.
    People's lives can not live without printing, printing is a complex project, a little negligence in the process of printing production, there will be such and such problems, which seriously affect the quality of printed products.

  In the printing production caused by the printing accuracy of errors commonly concentrated causes are many, greatly affecting the quality of printed products:

Screen Printing Machine

    1. in the production of a multi-color overprint (halftone printing) screen, the screen drying at different temperatures, thus causing errors in printing accuracy.
    2. low tension of the stencil or different tension of the overprint (halftone) stencil.
    3. use of too old, unsturdy, and deformed screen frames for plate making, resulting in deviations in the printed image due to poor frame stability (these problems can be detected with negatives)
    4. the use of blowing air Jane drying, uneven drying of the screen plate.
    5. inconsistent screen spacing when using multi-color overprinting.
    6. deformation of the rubber scraper.
    7. changes in the size of the substrate caused by certain factors.
    There are many factors that affect the quality of printed matter, but if there is a problem in the pre-press plate making process, then even if the printing materials used are good, the quality of the printing press is high, the binding is exquisite is impossible to produce qualified printed matter. Prepress plate making is a prerequisite for the production of qualified prints. If there is a problem in the process of pre-press plate making, it may cause great trouble to the post-process, or even irreparable damage.
    In the printing production, we should be fully aware of the shortcomings and loopholes in the printing production, prevent problems before they occur, and actively introduce and adopt advanced technology and Screen Printing Machine, which is the only way to ensure the quality of printed products.

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