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Screen Printing Machine FAQs

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The process is simple, no plate making, no waste discharge, good gloss, abrasion resistance (3-5H), high and low temperature resistance, roll printing glue, cheap, any material, curved, cylindrical, flat, can be pasted. Personalized customization, unlimited molds are not required

设备型号 Model Type
喷头 Print head
精度 Resolution
颜色控制 Color control
符合国际ICC标准,拥有曲线和密度调整功能 ICC color profile with adjust function
打印宽幅 Print Width
墨水 Ink
Glue, UV
运行环境 Operation Enviroment
温度15°C-30°C,湿度50%-70% Temperature 15°C~30°C, Humidity 50%~75%
电源 Power
50Hz/60Hz 110V/220V 10~20A
操作系统 System
Windows7 or Above
打印材料 Print material
Shoes and hats, clothing accessories, bags glass works of art, tea box labels, handicrafts, wood, plastics, sports equipment, helmets, etc。
图片格式 Image format

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