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Screen Printing Machine FAQs

Maintenance of the screen printing machine

 The maintenance of a screen printing machine involves many aspects of management: Here we only point out the basic requirements that must be met to keep the machine running normally, and other aspects of management need to be regulated by the user's own regulations.

1、Air compressor: The moisture with water in the air duct is easy to reduce the life of air compressor components. Although the machine entrance is equipped with a three-point combination of filtration, if the place where the air compressor is placed is humid, a large amount of water vapor will enter the air compressor components through the operation and operation of the air compressor, and in this case, a freeze dryer must be installed to completely remove the moisture in the air or discharge the water in the water filter cup and the water vapor in the air compressor storage cylinder from time to time.

2、Three point combination: air pressure should be maintained at 4~6 bar, although the water filter cup has automatic drainage function, but if the water filter cup stores too much water, the water vapor can be manually removed from the cup.


(1) Class A grease: used for air pressure regulating group, Esso (ESSO ESSTIC 32#) \ in oil (R68#) air pressure regulating group circulation oil.

(2) B type grease: used for bearings, linear guide lubrication of all kinds of grease. Note: The machine is equipped with a grease nipple, should be supplemented with grease once every 6 months to ensure the lubrication effect.

(3) Class C grease: Lubricating oil for gear reducer. China oil extreme pressure 68# oil / ALAR (ALAR) 680# oil / ESSO (ESSO) 608# oil / BP680# oil / Mobil (MOBIL) 636# oil.

4、Other maintenance

(1) Each time before opening the screen printing machine, should check the machine, if abnormalities are found, should be timely maintenance to eliminate. In case of poor lubrication, should immediately check and add lubricant in all relevant transmission parts.

(2) at the end of the operation, timely shut down the power supply air source, clean the surface of the machine, regularly discharge the condensate in the air filter. Speed control valve, gossip, and all parts of the axis as far as possible to avoid a collision.


(3) the linear guide must be often wiped clean and oiled and filled with grease to prevent rust affect the accuracy.

(4) solvent, ink, and other volatile products do not place on the machine when using, do not use too much solvent to wipe the collective baking paint, control panel to prevent rust or damage to the switch and wire resulting in functional damage.

5、Regular maintenance

Monthly maintenance: screen printing machine running to the end of the month, should check all parts, if the lubricant solidification, should be wiped and gasoline cleaning, re-injection of lubricant.

Semi-annual maintenance: under normal circumstances, the machine is thoroughly maintained once every six months: a comprehensive check of the movable joint parts have no rust and wear, poor lubrication, such as the return of abnormalities, immediately deal with.

Annual maintenance: machine operation to a year, should be a comprehensive inspection of the machine: the mechanical parts need to check whether there is rust and wear poor lubrication, colleagues to check all the air pipe air hose, if there is damage, should be immediately replaced.

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