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This tunnel dryer is suitable for heating printing ink on clothes, even heat-set ink.

Nice designed structure to make sure the best drying effect.

Furnished with fire-resistant Teflon belt, efficient IR heating tube and constant heat circulation.

Model NumberSDT100*65SDT150*65SDT300*65
CE dimension180cm250cm400cm
Drying Area100x65cm150x65cm300x65cm
IR heating tubeYesYesYes

1. All machine size be customized,we only showing some simple photos.

2. Temperature and working speed are simply and easily adjustable.

3. Digital speed meter enables operator to adjust working speed accurately.

4. The heating element is sillicon carbide tube,which has high efficitent light source to dry clothes exhaust fan elininates the scrape outside.

5. It is suite for drying various kinds of textile printing ink,such as plastional ink,silica gel printing ink,paste, and water based ink.

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