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Best curved printer for sale

It is suitable for plastic packaging, glass bottles, stainless steel cups, etc., and screen printing of the entire circumference of a circumferential product with a large diameter.

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Machine configuration

1. The microcomputer controls the operation of each function, with high degree of automation and simple and convenient operation.

2. Built-in four-digit automatic counter.

3. with round and cone printing function.

4. automatic ink scraping, ink return, table lifting, etc., not only easy to operate, but also to ensure the stability of printing quality.

5. printing stroke and speed can be adjusted to meet different printing requirements.

6. automatic balancing of the scraper to ensure a balanced printing pressure.

7. the workbench and the frame can be carried out before and after, left and right, fine adjustment, high printing accuracy, adjustment is convenient and fast.

8. The scraper part can be lifted independently, and it is easy and convenient to replace and clean the net frame.

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Best curved printer for sale


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